About Us

Our role will always be to provide an environment where both child and parent are happy.

The Sunshine Nursery and After School club opened on the 18th of August 1998 and has grown steadily. Originally the nursery was registered for 35 places. The baby unit was opened in 2002, creating 9 more places. In August 2005 a further 17 places was created bringing the registration to the total of 65 children. 

In Ist of March 2015 the nursry has increased capacity from 65 to 84 places.  Sunnylea part of the nursery was extended an additional room was added in the lower floor to accomodate the children aged 0-2 years and a separate room for ASC was added to the upper floor.

The most important ingredient in providing top class quality childcare is the staff. We have a commitment to staff development and training. We ensure that all staff are suitably qualified for their duties and encourage and support additional qualifications.

Our aim is to support each child through his or her own development.  With increasing demands being made on child care facilities we want for all our children the best learning experience right from the very beginning.

The manager is available to discuss matters relating to the nursery both on a formal and informal basis. We hope that you have no cause to complain about the service we provide. However, if you wish to make a complaint and are not satisfied with our investigation, then you can make a complaint to the Care Inspectorate in line with their complaints procedure.   A copy of which can be provided to you on request. We are proud of our record of ensuring problems don't arise by concentrating on providing first class care and involving and communicating with parents.

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