Caterpillar Room

The Environment

The Caterpillar's room is light and bright with windows to the north and south, giving a continuous flow of natural light. The playroom is large and well equipped with a wealth of brightly coloured resources to attract and stimulate the young child's mind. Routines, with carefully structured times, help to contribute to the child's sense of belonging. The main objective of the baby unit is to provide a warm homely atmosphere, providing a sense of security and ensuring the children are happy and relaxed.

The Caterpillars aged 0-2 years work to the recommendations outlined in the 'Pre Birth to Three' document. This document identifies the four 'aspects' that promote the skills of the young learner. It highlights the interrelationship between growth, learning and the environment in which they are cared for and educated.  The four 'Aspects' are: - Relationships, Responsive Care, Respect and the Rights of the Child and Responsive care.