On the 20th of January 2014 Sunshine Nursery achieved the Eco Green Flag Award.




In May 2012 we registered to take part in the Eco School programme, we are working towards our Bronze and Silver award.


In September 2012 we took part in the Eco Schools Scotland 'One Planet Picnic'.  The theme was to prepare a picnic using seasonal, ethically sourced scottish produce.  The childrens parents came along to the picnic with their own Eco friendly picnic!


The children have formed a committee, they are:


Afterschool Club            - Anna Lawes, Kate Enthwistle, Lucia Enthwistle.

Pre school                     - William Peters, Sophie Laidlaw and Elena Gordon

Parent members            - Faye McGregor and Emma Gauld

Community member      - Emma Patullo


Eco School

The Children grew their own vegetables.
The children sold their own vegetables at Platform 22
The children made their own recycled watering cans and candle holders
A fantastic selection of goods to buy at Eco Fair at Torphins Learney Hall 14.06.14
Donations of fabric samples from It's Curtains for You
Adopt a teddy bear!
Lottie's Lockets
Desk Tidy and Door Stops.
Recycled cards
Horse Shoe Everlasting