Ladybird Room

Age 4-5: The Ladybirds

The Environment

The Ladybird room is in the main building downstairs with south facing windows, it is light and bright and cosy it is attractively decorated with the children’s own work. Children are encouraged to become independent and make their own choices throughout the day. Staff develop there learning by offering a range of activities that interest each child individually.  They observe children’s interests and assess development within the areas of the Curriculum For Excellence. This information is then provided to you in the form of a report, which is written  in June.  


Curriculum For Excellence

The room is set up indoor and out using a workshop approach, there is sand and water, messy painting area, computer table, book corner construction, puzzles, writing table and imaginative play in the home corner and dressing up. 

The staff have a clear vision, their roles and responsibilities are well defined. Every child is given a coherent curriculum and a broad experience; they are supported individually and within a group.

 The Curriculum for Excellence is embedded in our practice we plan for the principals of Curriculum Design.  Within the children’s experiences we observe, plan next steps to achieve, record and assess the quality of the children’s learning.

Responsive planning identifies the children’s interests and needs and challenge from the opportunities given within the Curriculum for Excellence gives encouragement towards being a Responsible Citizen, Confident Individual, Effective Contributors and Successful Learners. 

Staff observe the children getting to know them by choosing learning tasks to capture their interests that lead and guide. They develop their skills with a continuous focus for learning. Any barriers to learning staff find ways to overcome by professional dialogue.