We are there for your child and you

Our work has one clear focus: your child's individual needs.  In order for us to support your child's development in the best possible way, we employ fully qualified people with a strong focus on Continued Professional Development.  They all attend regular further training courses, which enable them to bring new ideas and proposals to their daily work - ideas that will also benefit your child!


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Linda McGregor

Head of Sunshine Nursery and Afterschool Club

Opened Sunshine Nursery and Afterschool Club in August 1998



Main responsibility
Manager and Owner



Motto on life

A smile speaks louder than a thousand words.


Irene Garcia Chala


Teacher - Ladybirds and Bumblebees

Ladybird and Bumblebee Lead Practitioner

Kelly McIntosh Ladybirds and Bumblebees

Donna Smith  Practitioner

Ladybird and Bumblebees room

Emma Gauld - on maternity leave

 Bumblebee Practitioner 


Susan Singer Support Worker  -Lunch cover

Faye McGregor Lead practitioner


Pre- Birth to Three Practitioner and Room Manager -Butterflies

Hannah Gauld


Pre Birth to Three Practitioner -Butterflies

Amy Davidson


Pre Birth to Three Practitioner -Butterflies

Danielle Parkinson 


Pre Birth to Three Practitioner- Caterpillars

Donna Buchan Practitioner


Ladybird and Bumblebee room and AfterschoolClub 

Alison Mellows - Lead Pracitioner


Pre-Birth to Three Practitioner - Caterpillars

Lauren Gray


Trainee Practitioner - Caterpillars

Catriona Ewen Lead practitioner

Caterpillar room


Sarah Stuart Practitioner  Ladybird and Bumblebee room 4 years

Practitioner - Dragonflies AfterschoolClub